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Criminal Law Services
for Bryan & College Station, TX




A conviction cannot be removed from your record and can suspend you driver's license.  That is not to mention the expense, embarrassment, and possibility of jail time. Turning to our DWI attorney within 15 days of your arrest may prevent some of these problems.

Driving While Intoxicated & all alcohol offenses including DUI by Minor, MiP, and Intoxication Assault.

Drug Possession

Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Prescription Drugs

Marijuana is becoming more acceptable throughout the country, but is still illegal in Texas and strongly prosecuted in Brazos County. A conviction for any drug offense may result in a driver's license suspension. And, remember, it is "possession" - the police will arrest you for having any "care, custody, management, or control" over your friend's drugs.  Don't go into court without a good drug possession attorney when you were simply sitting near someone who had drugs.

A family argument may quickly get out of hand and you may be accused of assaulting a loved one. A conviction for such an assault, even a misdemeanor, will revoke your right to own a hunting rifle, personal protection firearm, and may forever damage your reputation and your family. Aggravated and Sexual assault accusations will result in prison for long time periods, not to mention the irreparable damage to your reputation.

Burglary & Theft

Burglary of a Habitation, Burglary of a Building, Burglary of a Automobile, Theft, Forgery, Theft by Check, Shoplifting

Theft convictions have forever consequences - they prevent you from getting jobs, loans, and housing.  Don't let a bad check or petty theft accusation ruin your life.  Burglary cases can be much more serious and may carry up to 20 years in prison. Don't ignore such serious allegations without good representation.

Juvenile Crime

Any person age 10 - 16 accused of a crime needs an attorney on their side.

Your child may be accused of possession marijuana at school, hitting another child or even an adult, or have disruptive issues. Juvenile authorities may arrest your child at school, take them to juvenile detention, and keep your child for 10 days at a time between visits to see a Judge.  Laws affecting your child are complex and will affect their future.  Have an lawyer experienced with Juvenile law and the juvenile courts on your child's side.

Traffic Tickets

Speeding, Running a Red Light, No Insurance, Driving While License Invalid, Fail to Yield Right of Way

No one likes them, but most of us get them - traffic tickets can be expensive and, if ignored, can prevent your driver's license from being renewed and the costs will double.  If it cannot be easily dismissed with doing a Defensive Driving Course or you need to fight an unfair or incorrect ticket, call withing 10 days of getting the ticket.  If your ticket is old, don't make it worse by ignoring it - the court may sweep you up in the next "warrant round-up" of unpaid tickets!  Call our office to schedule a consultation with our traffic ticket lawyer and learn how to fight it without being arrested and keeping your license.

An expunction will destroy all criminal records for cases dismissed or acquitted, while a non-disclosure seals the records from public view if you have been placed on probation.

Don't risk losing a job or housing because your mugshot is online or you failed a background search.  If your case was dismissed or acquitted after a trial, you may have a right to have all the arrest and court documents destroyed

And, if you have been placed on probation, now more cases are eligible for sealing those records - called "non-disclosure"  Even many DWI convictions are now eligible.  Call to have us examine your record and learn if you qualify.

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