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Helpful links in your Defense
County websites

These counties websites may provide more information about your case and the court you may need to attend. 


Do you need some help finding relevant resources? Our criminal defense lawyer suggests checking out some of the following resources and links. These sources may provide crucial information that affects you. Make sure your first exposure to this information is not from a letter in the mail long after you have passed all deadlines. Likewise, no one wants to find out that they are not eligible to drive after being pulled over for a simple mistake such as a headlight unexpectedly going out. That simple mistake could lead to you getting arrested if you are not permitted to drive.

Additionally, if you need assistance finding information on your case, be sure to get in touch with our criminal defense lawyer. We can make sure you have the knowledge you need. Our criminal defense lawyer, drug possession attorney, and DWI attorney can also provide any other assistance you need relating to your case. Be sure to contact our attorneys serving Bryan, TX; College Station, TX; and the surrounding areas.

Your Case Information

Some counties provide specific information about your case and all the documents filed in it online. JusticeWeb in Brazos County has all the information about your jailing or case online.  Though this may be embarrassing, it is public information.

Brazos County Judicial Records Search
Find your court date
Brazos County JusticeWeb Hearings Search
Find your court records
Brazos County Court Records Search
Texas DPS online
Texas DPS Online Services

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a lot of online services - check your criminal history, get your Driver's Licence history, pay surcharges, renew your DL, and more.

You may also need to check your Driver's Licence eligibility - find out if you are eligible to drive before you are pulled over and possibly arrested!

Texas DPS License Eligibility
Texas DPS Failure to Appear OmniBase

Old tickets you forgot about?  DPS will prevent you from renewing your DL if you haven't dealt with them - called "Failure to Appear."  Check it here.

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